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"go nuts, dream big, then let us make your dreams come true, at a very affordable price."

We're Ball Custom Kitchens and we design, build and install the most beautiful custom cabinets and beyond right here from Kansas!

It's your dream room, we get that. Let us turn your dream into a reality.

We're right in your backyard! Welcome to Ball Custom Kitchens located in Topeka, Kansas!

Our number one goal has always been to create the most beautiful cabinetry and countertops possible. Yet, we've gone way beyond that goal. Here at Ball Custom Kitchens we've made so many happy customers in the Lawrence, Kansas and Kansas City area that we've lost count.

Give us a call today and we'll custom design and build the perfect room of your dreams a very affordable price, as well!

Are you looking to redesign your kitchen? Maybe you have an outdated guest or master bath? What about a new beautifully designed Wet Bar?

It's all very possible and at a great price when you work with Ball Custom Kitchens!

We've helped our customers in the Lawrence and Kansas City, Kansas area with such room projects as new kitchen remodels, Master Bath cabinets, custom laundry cabinets and beautiful built-in bookshelves. We've created dream Wet Bars and specialty cabinetry for whatever their needs and desires.

The possibilities are endless for your project as well !

Whether you're ready to break ground on a new home or you're gearing up for a remodel project in your existing home, it takes just a few minutes to contact us and give us the opportunity to "WOW"  you!

Our design team is incredibly skilled and dedicated to helping you realize your dream project at a very affordable cost.

As a proud home owner in Kansas City and in the Lawrence, Kansas area, you have more than likely looked your existing home over closely and dreamed how incredible a new room remodel would update and greatly enhance your living area.

Think about the possibilities. A fresh new, much more functional kitchen. A perfectly designed walk-in closet. A party perfect Wet Bar. A dream Laundry Room (if there is such a thing), The Best Man Cave Garage Cabinet design you could possibly ask for...,

It's all possible and at a very affordable cost.

So, it's time to make your Dream Room Ideas Come True.

Call Us Here at Ball Custom Kitchens TODAY!!!


You deserve quality in your Custom Built Cabinets and Countertops...Ball Custom Kitchens delivers!

Dream about the perfect room remodel no more...call us today!

Lawrence, KS Cabinets and Countertops So, you've heard home remodels are horrible...then let us ease your mind right now.

We only want to walk away from your newly remodeled home project when you are 100% satisfied. Though, we'll want to take some pictures before we go...

Seriously, your satisfaction and your big 'ol smile is our favorite part of this whole process.

And talk about EASY !

Bring us your room ideas. Sit down with our designers for a while. Talk over a few details. Let us do our magic...then, live happily ever after!!!

Ball Custom Kitchens has created endless rooms for countless happy customers. We will provide you the same great services for a very affordable cost.

Have you looked through our Project Photo Gallery yet? You'll realize we're serious about building solid wood, beautiful cabinetry.

It's all about our countertop choices including quartz, acrylic, granite, composite and more. It's about our top of the line pulls and hardware. It's about our high quality, hard wood construction.

Oh, and it's about the fact that we can create our cabinets with almost any paint or stain idea you can possibly dream up.

Here at Ball Custom Kitchens, we design and build custom cabinets to last a lifetime. Step one is just a phone call away. Contact us today to get your project started!

Let us dazzle you, your family and your friends with a room remodel
by Ball Custom Kitchens!

In just a few short weeks Ball Custom Kitchens can turn your boring, cramped, dysfunctional room into a newly transformed Oasis!